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Negotiating our way through the highly recommended and crowded marketplace of the ancient city, the air was heavy, hot, stifling the throngs of selfie snapping tourists clogged every lane. Spying a set of old stone steps we veered quickly to the right climbed up and away from the crowd, to the top of the city wall.  The air cleared, the heat drifted away and the whole world opened up over the sparkling Adriatic Sea. My son and I looked at each other, right here we had a choice…  We couldn’t get away from where every one else was headed fast enough.  Renting a car, we headed north along the Dalmatian Coast until land ended.  Ferrying over the crystal clear waster we found the island of Korčula and then the village of Lumbarda where we rented a little house just off the sea, bicycles and a small boat. 

Living like temporary locals we took daily trips to the market, found fresh fish from the locals, bought wine grown at the edge of town, met locals in the cafes, explored the coastline in out little boat and had one of the best times of a lifetime.

To think we could have missed it.

But we didn’t.


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